Alliances are at the heart of the Mundipharma business model, and we work closely with our partners to build balanced, interest-aligned collaborations focused on the creation of value - for healthcare systems, for providers and patients, and for all our stakeholders.

Paul Medeiros, Senior Vice-President, Corporate and Business Development

About us

We do things differently at Mundipharma International. Our approach is nothing like the traditional pharmaceutical business model. Innovation guides everything we do and our success rate proves our approach works.

We make it our business to watch, respond and adapt to new market pressures. We are an organisation that is built on an entrepreneurial spirit - we are always looking for the right opportunity. This flexible approach means that very few doors are closed to us: we see an opportunity, we get the right people in and we go for it.

We develop partnerships with a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotech companies around Europe and the rest of the world.

We provide fully integrated, strategic support and services to individual companies within the Mundipharma network.

And we help our partners gain approval from regulators and build markets for their products.

The Mundipharma network of independent associated companies

The network has a presence in 51 countries worldwide including 23 countries in Europe. Each company is responsible for commercialising and launching products within their own market

The companies within the network have demonstrated truly exceptional growth compared with the rest of the market in several European countries, particularly France, Italy and Spain.

In the last few years, companies within the network have successfully launched pain, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and respiratory disease treatments for patients across the world.

Key facts

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