Working and living in Cambridge

Cambridge has long had a reputation as one of the UK’s most-loved cities and it’s easy to see why it remains a magnet for people looking for a high quality of life.

This distinguished and delightful city has both brains and beauty. It manages to be modern and dynamic, but still feel charming and laid-back.

Home to one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities, Cambridge is full of historic cityscapes. Family friendly neighborhoods abound, accompanied by first-class state and private schools and colleges. You’re never far from picturesque countryside but less than an hour by train from our location on the Cambridge Science Park to central London.

Simmering at the surface in the city is the palpable promise of innovations. From healthcare to computing to telecommunications and beyond, Cambridge continues to be a hotbed of breakthroughs in the science and technology space. The city and its county is home to more Nobel Prize winners than anywhere else in the UK.

That innovation is generated by the most extraordinary ecosystem, where academics, entrepreneurs, investors and businesses intersect. That’s what created the Cambridge Science Park – now the most exciting technology cluster in Europe and home to Mundipharma International Limited.



Technology cluster

Life science & healthcare


Patents granted

Employment social grades

Competitive city

Quality of life

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