Thomas Mehrling

Managing Director, Mundipharma EDO GmbH

Thomas Mehrling

Thomas joined the Mundipharma network in 2000 and has held various positions during his time working for the network. He brings over 21 years of experience in pharma to his current role.

Mundipharma EDO was founded in 2013 and manages the development process of early-stage oncology assets, for the Mundipharma network.

Prior to joining the network, Thomas worked for a Global CRO where he held the position of VP Medical and Regulatory Affairs. Before this, he worked for Takeda Research & Development Centre Europe where he was responsible for the pan-European development of three new chemical entities.

Thomas is a board-certified pharmacist/pharmacologist and obtained his PhD in pharmacological science based on pre-clinical research in serotonin-receptor antagonists for the treatment of nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

He also is a board-certified physician and holds a medical doctor degree of the University of Frankfurt. He specialised and worked for several years in cardiology, hematology/oncology, and pediatric oncology.